Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas Rice Cereal House

Last Christmas Eve I decided to build a house out of rice cereal instead of a traditional gingerbread house!
To create the perfect shape, I wrapped a box with waxed paper and I then built my rice crispy treat walls around the box.      

The roof was made from cinnamon graham crackers  The sugary grainy texture gave it a slight sparkle.  I then dressed it up by adding holiday lights made from spice drops and jujubes. The Roof was also lined with rainbow candy canes and frosting shingle lines with peppermint accents.  

This tree was by far my favorite part of the project. It was made by cutting green sour Twizzlers up with a pair of kitchen sheers. Then using the frosting as glue, I stuck them onto side of the house and added colorful candies as decoration.  The window on this side of the house was made from lemon Starbursts.  

Upside down pretzels made an adorable little fence and vanilla waffers worked as a stepping stone sidewalk to the front door!

A marshmallow snow man with oreo hat! His nose is made from a piece of an orange Starburst.  The snowy yard is made from shredded coconut.

Supply List!

Rice Krispies 
Marshmallows - to make rice crispy treats and 2 set aside for snow man
cardboard box
wax paper - to wrap box in
large cutting board or cookie sheet to build on
Graham Crackers - roof
M&M candies
Starburst - windows, snow man nose
candy canes 
Sour Twizzlers (mulit colored) - christmas tree and lining sidewalk
spice drops 
Oreos- snowman's had
Pretzels - fence
Vanilla Waffers -stepping stone sidewalk
shredded coconut - snow

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