Thursday, October 4, 2012

Girly Dinosaur Party

My daughter absolutely loves dinosaurs so this year I had to get creative in order to throw her a feminine Dino-Mite party.  After searching several party stores and websites full of boyish party supplies I finally found my inspiration piece to base my party theme around! These handmade cupcake toppers were purchase through The original listing was for bold primary colors but the designer, Robin, is able make them in just about any color!   

To create the vibrant frosting colors I used concentrated gel colors made by Wilton.  A little bit goes a long way! They can be found at your local craft store or you can visit to purchase online.

Robin also created this beautifully detailed banner 
that we kept after the party to hang in our daughter's play room. I love this banner so much I feel I must post another picture so you can see the intricate craftsmanship!  

With the larger crowd this year, my husband and I decided to use our garage space as an extra party room. We did not want our guest to have to stare at our tools/lawn equipment so we ended up wrapping the entire garage with rolls of plastic table clothes. A staple gun was used to secure the plastic to the ceiling and again at the bottom of the wall. Then we finished off the look with streamers and tissue paper puffs.  The total cost for this project was less than $20.  The end result turned out looking like a fun circus tent! Far better than we had imagined. 

 Dino-Mite Menu
Prehistoric Pizza
Brontosaurus Burgers 
 Pterodactyl wings (Buffalo wings)
Paleontologist Pasta Salad
Deviled Dino Eggs
T-Rex Tortilla Rolls
Volcano Veggies
Stegosaurus snack mix (homemade chex mix)


Food labels were made using sparkly scrap booking  letters and stickers on white card stock, free hand cutting the zig zag/ lightening design. Then I simply mounted it onto a square of sea foam green card stock and folded it in half!

And No Dinosaur party would be complete with out a Dino Dig .  We filled my daughter's plastic baby pool with a few bags of clean sand and buried dollar store dinosaur toys.  Each little girl received a Prehistoric Dinosaurs Pith Helmet (purchased from Party City) , a bucket, shovel and all the dinosaurs they dug up as a party favor!